Aspects: Vengeance, Water, Rebirth

Once there were many gods. There was Toranga-lusus, the god of creation and destruction, who created the world from the air and then destroys it with fire and waves. There was Boru-galalan, the god of war and peace, who created humans and animals to make war upon each other and then find peace. There was Mogo-vatika, the god of law and chaos, who gave us names and the madness of old age. Then there was Toa-Makakang, the god of fertility and starvation, who invented sex after one hundred years of confusion.

All of our gods had two names and two faces. Two genders and two domains. They are all dead now, but we still remember then.

When Toa-Makakang gave birth to the Leviathan, the sky was torn asunder and the stars fell to the earth. The earth spat venom, to kill the Leviathan, and from the cloud-mansions there issued lightning to strike the creature dead. Finally, all of the waters of the earth came and piled atop Balalang, to drown the Leviathan. We all drowned then.

But the Leviathan devoured the poison, and became venomous. Then it grew its ten-thousand triangular scales that rattle in the light, and the lightning slid off. Finally it swallowed all of the water of the oceans, and grew larger than any other thing.

Finally, it devoured the gods.

When it was done, it looked to the drowned people, and said to them, “You are drowned, and now you are nothing.”

The drowned spirits replied, “We have died, O Leviathan, but please return us to life and we will be yours forever.”

The Leviathan spoke, “I owe you nothing. Your own gods destroyed you. But I will do this thing that you ask, and you will be mine forever.”

Leviathan is the god of the eastern ocean. It is revered or respected in most coastal towns. If you hope to sail on it’s ocean, you best show it some god damned respect.


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